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PPH "TOR - PAL" Sp. z o. o., ul. Lotnicza 1, 82 - 500 Kwidzyn

Announces an auction on closed bids for sale of vehicles and appliances:

Vehicle's make Registration number /Manufacturing number Year of production
Ford Mondeo GKW V360 2002r
Excavator KS - 407 ELK 029C 1980r
Poclain 125 PB   1988r.
Agricultural spreader/sand spreader   1994r.
Forklift EAGLE 7/2,0 4418 1995r.
Forklift DAEWOO G30-S2 (26) 10 - 02379 1997r.
"Żuk" car GKW L045 1984r.


Machines and appliances notes
Eccentric table press PMSŁ 25 A 1980r.
Eccentric table press PMSŁ 25 A 1980r.
Bottom-spindle shaper DFDA-2 1980r.
Cement tank 1994r.
Compressor unit 1980r.
Air compressor 1993r.
Rotary welding machine 1975r.
Tyre-fitting machine 1994r.
Turnery CAB 140 400x1000 made in Korea
Sawdust silo 40 m³
Larry cars 8 units
Bottom-spindle shaper  
Branding machine  
Circular table saw PT 1  


The vehicles and appliances can be seen at Diagnostic Station of PPH "TOR - PAL", ul. Lotnicza 1; the gate of the Customs, December 12-16, 2005, 10.00 - 13.00.
Contact phone (55) 646 74 - 32.

Offers with the proposed gross price should be submitted in closed envelopes, to the company's address, with "AUCTION" added.

The deadline for submission of offers is 22.12.2005r.

The offers will be investigated on 28.12.2005, and the winner will be notified in a manner indicated in the offer. A vehicle will be given out after the offered amount is paid, not later than 30.12.2005r.

PPH "TOR - PAL" Sp. z o. o. (Ltd.) reserves the right to freely choose an offer, and to invalidate the auction without giving reasons.